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NEWS / 2023 / Congratulations Ela Koko!
The fourth race of the Drift Kings International Series took place over the weekend of July 15-16 at the Rabocsiring track in Hungary. The weather conditions mirrored those of Cyprus, featuring scorching temperatures that unfortunately led to overheating problems for a number of drivers.  The event featured 50 drivers from 16 countries, competing in the Pro, Pro2, and Queen categories.

The track design offered a combination of high-speed corners, challenging technical sections, and aggressive open corners.
In the Pro category's twin battles, Giorgos Christoforou, current Pro series leader and multiple champion of Cyprus, delivered an outstanding performance. He successively eliminated Rafal Barzycki from Poland and Gediminas Levickas from Lithuania, and in the semifinals, he faced Michal Wojtan from Poland, whom he also defeated, advancing to the grand final. He emerged victorious over Luca Fuschini of Italy, who had claimed the previous victory at this track just two months prior.

Giorgos Christoforou, the race winner and current Pro series leader expressed his excitement: "The fourth race of the Drift Kings International Series, and our third participation, has concluded.   Finishing first in Hungary has propelled me to the top of the championship rankings, with a comfortable 94-points lead over second place. I am overjoyed.  Securing the third consecutive win also grants us the overall victory, as we dominated the qualification on an exceptionally challenging track where every mistake has consequences. I am immensely proud, knowing the difficulty and level of skill required on this track. The team's meticulous car preparation and setup paid off, utilizing data from the previous year, allowing us to have a competitive car without much trouble."
"We started with training on Saturday, gradually pushing for the perfect run.  From the very beginning of the qualification, we showcased our determination to win. Impressions from these laps resonated positively among our competitors and spectators, which boosted my confidence in preparation for Sunday's race."

"In the twin battles, I faced strong opponents, making each battle feel like a final battle.  The Cypriot team executed flawlessly, ensuring the car performed at its best while I remained rested despite the unbearable heat.  All the sacrifices and efforts paid off in the end, and now we set our sights on the next race in Serres in October, hoping to maintain our strong performance.  I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the friends who sent messages, shared our performances, and watched the event. It brings me immense joy to feel the support from all my friends in Cyprus and Greece.  I would also like to extend a big thank you to my team, whom I believe to be the best, as well as my sponsors.