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Health and safety in the workplace

ALCO Filters Safety 

ALCO Filters (Cyprus) Ltd as one of the leading industrial companies and particularly in the filter manufacturing sector, recognises the importance of health and safety in the workplace and is committed to continually improve itself to contribute to the safeguarding of its workforce, its partners and all third collaborating parties that could be affected by its day-to-day activities in its manufacturing facilities in Cyprus.
In fulfilling this commitment, the Company has implemented and operates a comprehensive health and safety management system that is in accordance with all governing Health and Safety in Work Regulations, and has pledged to fulfil the following objectives:
  • To continuously develop and implement procedures for the prevention of all foreseeable hazards and to proactively anticipate those hazards that are unforeseeable, for the purpose of creating and preserving a safe and healthy workplace that supports the Company’s effort for continual improvement.
  • To maintain full compliance in accordance with all governing Health and Safety in Work Regulations as well as harmonisation with “Best Practice” guidelines and pertinent quality standards in the field of health and safety.
  • To continually assess all occupational hazards from its day-to-day activities for the purpose of undertaking the best decisions for the safeguarding of its workforce, its partners and all third collaborating parties, and to reassess them at regular intervals or when circumstances require ensuring prompt and accurate hazard management.
  • To strive through effective administration and dialogue for the provision of those resources necessary for the continual improvement of the level of awareness and competency of its workforce, and the ability to recognise and prevent occupational hazards.
  • To provide, where necessary and when engineering controls are not fully adequate, suitable personal protective equipment and training on its proper use so that its workforce is thoroughly protected during its daily tasks.
  • To continually uphold and promote a positive status of safety and welfare through its people that is the systematic outcome of a continual effort for improvement of the daily working conditions, its manufacturing equipment and processes, and the quality of its manufacturing facilities.
Full commitment of top management and active participation among all rankings of its workforce and relevant external parties, and regular dialogue in the health and safety committees for collective agreement and assumption of best-suited decisions to manage and prevent all health and safety issues.

This Policy is available to all interested parties and is continually monitored to ensure it remains relative to the targets and performance objectives set by the Company.

     ISO 4500 - 2018 EN