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Air Filter Range

Clean Air Equals Better Combustion

Air filters are very important components for all internal combustion engines. Their purpose is to filter out airborne particulates such as dust, pollen, soot, mist and others before they reach the engine. Cleaner air in the combustible mixture (gasoline or diesel and air) provides for more efficient combustion and protection of critical engine components such as valves, injectors and sensitive electronic controls.

Contaminated air on the other hand can slowly impair the performance of an engine. Particles taken in by the engine's fresh-air inlet can damage the metallic interior surfaces of the engine by forming grooves due to friction, and can cause premature wear and eventually failure. It is therefore imperative that all engines regardless of type or function are always equipped with a clean and well-performing air filter.

Comprehensive Air Filter Range

To cover market demand, ALCO maintains an impressive stock range of more than 1500 different air filters, with many new filters added each year.
ALCO air filter range is continuously expanded with additions of new part numbers of vehicles that are introduced into the market each year covering applications for passenger cars, vans, trucks and stationary engines.

Detailed information concerning the air filter range is available at our Branding website or through the printed catalogues that are issued annually. The following information is available:
  • Applications and Cross references
  • Dimension and Filter photo
  • Air filter lists sorted by height
High Spec Filter Media and Components

The secret of getting the most from an air filter lies in the selection of raw materials. ALCO utilizes only the best materials that are available in the international market.
ALCO filters are constructed of sturdy filtering media with high particle retention efficiencies and dust holding capacity that are intended to meet or surpass the most stringent requirements for endurance and uninterrupted air flow.
High spec filter media in combination with unique pleating techniques using special corrugation on pleated media aim at utilizing the maximum possible available surface area of the filter for enhanced filtration capacity.

Advance Manufacturing Technology

Advanced filter technology and the latest development in production machinery and assembly are employed for the manufacture of air filters. ALCO manufacturing approach includes pleating methods aimed at utilizing the maximum possible available surface area of the filter for enhanced filtration capacity. The careful fabrication of sealing media guarantees no particle escape through the connections (that could end-up in the engine). Furthermore, the element frames, woven wires and unit cores that shape-up the filters provide for added sturdiness against higher air flows, as well as damage from manual handling during service.

All ALCO air filters are thermally-conditioned and impregnated with a treatment media so that the filter surfaces achieve the right consistency and treatment for maximum efficiency. The majority of production steps take place without the intervention of an operator, thus minimizing the human error factor. Conclusively, quality inspections are performed at every step of the manufacturing process according to our ISO 9001:2008 quality procedures to ensure the product that leaves our facility is free of any defect and up to our standards.