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Company news and updates 2011

NEWS / 2011 / ALCO Filters plans to expand into Africa targeting South Africa as a start point
After the successful participation in Automechanika Middle East in June 2010 and Equip Auto Algeria 2010 in May 2010, ALCO Filters target expansion in the African continent with participation in Automechanika South Africa 2011 taking place now in Johannesburg in South Africa.

In the Gulf region and Mediterranean basin ALCO filters currently has presence in Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

ALCO Filters is actively pursuing distributors in all African Countries (excluding North Africa and Ghana) and especially in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Somalia and Cameroon.

‘The size of the company may have grown beyond recognition but the basic philosophy remains the same - to provide our customers with quality goods and services that will enable them to create wealth and prosperity for themselves’ Mr Louca, Managing Director of ALCO Filters informed us.

ALCO Filters was established in 1973 and produces filters for cars, trucks, earth moving equipment and stationary engines. The company’s product portfolio includes air, oil, fuel, hydraulic and cabin filters and covers more than 3000 different types of filters with more than 200 new types added yearly.

ALCO has grown to become a trusted name in more than 40 countries throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East and has four large distribution facilities in the UK, Germany, Greece and Cyprus ensuring fast and efficient delivery worldwide.