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Environment and sustainability.

Environmental protection is our priority.
Since 1973 we manufacture premium European products, always respecting human health and our environment.


Not only our products are environmentally friendly, but also all our production procedures are focusing on the protection of the environment.

We believe that it is our social responsibility as a company to carefully choose our procedures and therefore here at ALCO Filters our production sites are designed to be environment-friendly and sustainable.

We have chosen environmentally compatible technologies such as the use of renewable energy (solar) for factory and warehouse through photovoltaic panels as well as the use of evaporative cooling systems, for the building and for heat generating machinery instead of Air Conditioning units and refrigerant coolants.

Our machinery, plants and devices in our production reflect the idea of sustainability, and they allow our production processes to be ecological and economical at the same time. We use new technology for ECO filters using IR (infrared) direct bonding which does not use glue and reduces material waste. It is our priority to use lean principles on all processes throughout production for the reduction of material waste.

Moreover, we participate in paper, metal, and plastic recycling program.

Our responsibility towards our planet has a great importance since we do not only produce environment-friendly products, but we also produce them in an environment-friendly manner!