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ALCO Filters. SIMPLY Ecological.

NEWS / 2018 / ALCO Filters. SIMPLY Ecological.
The spin-on filter has been the most common type of filter over the years. It’s probably the one you’re most familiar with, a steel container — about the same size as a coffee mug — with a filter element inside. It’s a tried and true design that became popular in the late ’50s and early ’60s. It’s continued to reign, probably because it’s easy to use and reliable.Engine oil filters now find themselves at the centre of a debate.

Due to environmental concerns, the constant challenge of lowering emissions and raising mpg, OEMs are constantly searching for new ways to adapt the way new vehicles are made. One way they are doing this is with metal-free cartridge-style oil filters.ALCO Filters being in line with this new development has invested in 3 ecological filter production lines where all material used for the production of the filters are 100% metal-free and recyclable.

Our Ecological cartridge Filters are made with filter media sourced from top Quality European media suppliers, pleated with German made pleaters resulting into straight and rigid pleats with the necessary corrugation for equally spaced pleats. The pleated media when used achieves full surface usage prolonging the life expectancy of the filters.

Additionally the filter media is impregnated with special resins for long life capabilities coming from the need of the car manufacturers of prolonged service intervals combined with the use of full synthetic lubricants.
New adopted printing technology using a fully automatic Laser marker is the final stage of  production that provides a refined crispy clear marking result in the most precise, efficient and productive way.

The size of the company may have grown beyond recognition but the basic philosophy remains the same - to provide our customers with quality goods and services that will enable them to create wealth and prosperity for themselves!