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Heavy Duty Radial Seal Air Filters

Heavy Duty Radial Seal Air Filters < 2019 < الأخبار

Today’s heavy duty air filters are subjected to flow-rates that require a very sturdy design. The primary components of a typical heavy-duty Radial Seal air filter are the filtering medium (aka filter paper), inner and outer metal mesh and Polyurethane seal.


The most important part of the air filter is the filter paper.  Advanced filter technology and the latest developments in production machinery and assembly are employed for the manufacture of air filters.

ALCO manufacturing approach includes pleating methods aimed at utilizing the maximum possible available surface area of the filter for enhanced filtration capacity while increasing the mechanical endurance of the finished product. The careful fabrication of sealing media guarantees no particle escape through the connections (that could end-up in the engine).


ALCO Radial Seal Filters utilize:

  • German-made filtering medium, thermally-conditioned and resin impregnated which is manufactured to withstand the full forces of a heavy duty application while at the same time achieving excellent performance / efficiency.
  • Special media embossing process which creates built-in pleat spacing in the media. This adds extra stability and pleat separation to prevent individual pleats from coming together under the force of the incoming air causing uneven loading of the filter under working conditions.  
  • Longitudinal Glue Binding providing evenly spaced pleats and achieving uniform air flow through the complete filter surface area.
  • Inner and outer metal wrappers providing additional sturdiness against high air flows, as well as damage protection from manual handling during service.
  • Special polyurethane compound which at the same time acts as a radial seal gasket and an end cap and does not degrade under high temperatures or vibration.
  • Fiberglass woven mesh in the inner side of the end cap that increases the strength of the filter base in high-flow environments and eliminates the possibility of tearing when the filter is under pressure.
  • Spiral Glue Binding providing added pleat stability to optimize media effectiveness. 

All ALCO Radial Seal Filters are in-house test fitted to ensure 100% effective field installation.
The majority of production steps take place without the intervention of an operator, thus minimizing the human error factor.

Conclusively, quality inspections are performed at every step of the manufacturing process according to our ISO 9001:2015 quality procedures to ensure that the product which leaves our facility is free of any defect and up to our standards.